It happens every time. After gathering stories on a wide variety of people and topics for the magazine, there’s a “see the forest” moment when an unintended theme emerges. This time, the aerial view revealed a pattern of commitment to

As we all know, setting a goal is one thing; achieving it is quite another. Progress and success often hinge on persistence. That fact jumps out in this issue of the magazine in articles about members of the Simmons community

Simmons has always attracted people who are passionate about learning, working and making a difference. Simmons Magazine has the privilege of illuminating some of the many ways members of the Simmons community are doing just that. In our “Pop Culture Pirate”

Welcome to your relaunched Simmons Magazine. At last year’s Reunion, more than a few alumnae asked, “When is Simmons Magazine coming back?” The affection and concern in their voices made it sound like they were inquiring about a friend who went off