Across  1. LP player 5. Baking soda amounts, usually; abbr. 9. “No ___ done” 13. Inside the NBA analyst, to fans 14. 1492 Columbus discovery 16. “I cannot tell ___”; 2 wds. 17. Cause for a lawsuit 18. 11th century Spanish hero 19. “Goldberg Variations” composer 20. SHARKS 23. Warner Brothers indoor

Across 1. Seasonal celebration6. Beginner, informally9. Alley organization; abbr. 12. Ring organization; abbr.13. “Charles in Charge” star15. Seasonal color, as forsythia16. Somersault*19. Actors Harris and Asner20. “Don’t bet ___!”; 2 wds.21. Talk, talk, talk22. Seasonal shower23. “Get ___!”25. 1887 source for1900 Puccini

Children’s books* inspire dreams, movies—and puzzles (at least this one).