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Faculty authors collaborated with students on a new book.

Libraries, Archives, and Museums Today: Insights from the Field (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) is coauthored by School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) Assistant Professor Peter Botticelli, former Professor of Practice Martha R. Mahard ’88MS, ’93DA, and Professor and Dean Emerita Michèle V. Cloonan. The book consists of case studies of libraries, archives, and museums, with the particular goal of understanding how these institutions are adapting to the challenges of working with digital information and user populations that increasingly expect rich online as well as in-person experiences. 

Photograph above, clockwise from left: Professor and Dean Emerita Michèle V. Cloonan, Assistant Professor Peter Botticelli and former Professor of Practice Martha R. Mahard ’88MS, ’93DA.

“This book is an expression of our deep relationships in the heritage field. We drew on the insights of students, alumni, adjuncts, and other colleagues. Our book is richer because of our collaborations,” says Cloonan. 

“These interactions were my favorite aspect of the project and they enabled us to gather an exceptionally rich body of data from which to draw in writing the case studies,” says lead author, Botticelli. “I see this book as a model for how LIS [library and information science] programs can work with professionals in the field to better understand how institutions are responding to current needs.” 

“I see this book as a model for how library and information science programs can work with professionals in the field,” says Assistant Professor Peter Botticelli.

Brett Freiburger ’16MS was in one of Botticelli’s classes when he learned about the book. He did the majority of the research and drafted the article, “Historic New England: Building a Complex Infrastructure.” 

“My former professor, Dave Dwiggins [’08MS, ’11MA], was running the Historic New England digital collections management. I worked with Peter and David over the semester to try and squeeze in as much research as possible. After presenting my research, Peter asked if my work could be used and expanded upon,” said Freiburger. Joel DeMelo ’19MS was a research assistant to Cloonan and Botticelli. He helped find images for the book and worked on the index, but most of his work focused on research. “Working closely with the case studies was fantastic,” said DeMelo. “Diving into what circumstances the institutions in the book faced and how they chose to deal with it was a great supplement to my coursework.”