Commitment and Community

It happens every time. After gathering stories on a wide variety of people and topics for the magazine, there’s a “see the forest” moment when an unintended theme emerges. This time, the aerial view revealed a pattern of commitment to community. 

“Escaping the Shadow of the Opioid Crisis” describes how the School of Social Work is preparing students—and current health-care providers—to help individuals and communities better address substance use issues. It’s eye opening and encouraging. 

Our cover story provides a candid, compelling account of how Trustee Tiffany Dufu became “The Consummate Advocate” for women she is today. And in “The Children’s CEO,” we learn how Sandra Fenwick ’72 came to lead Boston Children’s Hospital, which benefits families in Boston and far beyond. 

“The One Simmons Project” describes the University’s plans to enhance the living and learning environment for the Simmons community. The changes are designed to complement Simmons’ new academic structure; Provost Katie Conboy provides perspective on that in “Simmons Cubed.” You’ll also read a firsthand account of how a National Association of Black Journalists convention introduced an Ifill College delegation to a dynamic community of professionals.   

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Robert Dunn, Editor
[email protected]