Alumnae Relations

For three generations, the Saslow family has made Simmons a family affair.

When Peggy Adelson arrived on campus as a “first-year” in 1940, she hardly could have anticipated launching a three-generation Simmons legacy. But the proud class of 1944 member, now best known at Simmons as Peggy Saslow ’44, P’73, P’76, has done so: Two daughters and a granddaughter are Simmons alumnae.  

Photograph above, from left: Judy Saslow Bounan ’76, P’03; Shanna Saslow Engel ’03; Peggy Saslow ’44, P’73, P’76 and Susan Saslow ’73 at Shanna’s 2003 graduation.

“I love it. I love it. I can talk to them about Simmons, and what’s happening,” says Saslow. Simmons has been a topic of conversation for her ever since she first heard of it. “I just wanted to go to Simmons. It was crazy—I only applied to one college.” 

Once enrolled, Saslow pursued a degree in home economics, enjoyed her classes and “loved my fellow students.” Her career included teaching home economics and science for 25 years at New Milford High School in New Jersey, and being active with school boards. A recipient of the Alumnae Service Award, Saslow has long supported Simmons as a volunteer and donor, and stayed close to classmates. 

“She said, ‘Mom, I’m going to Simmons.’  I was thrilled.” —Peggy Saslow ’44, P’73, P’76

When it was time for Saslow’s oldest daughter, Susan Saslow ’73, to go to college, she applied to a variety of schools besides Simmons. “She resisted—‘Mom, why do I have to go where you went?’” recalls Saslow. Susan says her dad was reluctant to pay for a private college, but her mom convinced him to make an exception for Simmons. And as Peggy tells it, a campus tour was persuasive. 

“She said, ‘Mom, I’m going to Simmons.’ I was thrilled. And once she was there, that was where Judy wanted to go,” says Peggy. 

“By the time I was a high school senior, Simmons was my only choice,” says Judy Saslow Bounan ’76, P’03. Although she knew about Simmons from her mom, Judy says having an older sister living in Boston and enjoying it was the dealmaker. And a cousin with whom she was close, the late Jane Saslow ’76, also chose Simmons. 

Judy Saslow Bounan ’76, P’03, left, with cousin Jane Saslow ’76 at Simmons.

Shanna Saslow Engel ’03, Bounan’s daughter, refused to consider Simmons—at first. “Somewhere between my junior and senior year of high school, my grandmother convinced me to attend an overnight at Simmons. It was eye opening and convinced me to apply,” says Engel. Three granddaughters chose different schools; a fifth is not yet of college age. 

Another generation is in the wings. “My daughters—seven and nine—have dreams of attending Simmons and continuing the legacy,” says Engel.