Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Simmons takes significant strides toward being the most inclusive campus in New England.

Under the leadership of Senior Vice President Debra Pérez, pictured, the Office of Organizational Culture, Inclusion and Equity (OCIE), which Simmons launched in September, reports taking significant strides toward making Simmons the most inclusive campus in New England. That vision aligns with Redesigning Simmons: The Strategy for 2022, for which one of the priorities is to “Foster a diverse, welcoming and inclusive community.” 

• Simmons has a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) strategy with goals and outcomes. It has a three-part framework: Who we are, How we work/live, and Who are we becoming.

• The University’s Human Resources site now includes an Inclusive Excellence Statement describing specific resources being provided to all hiring managers.

• OCIE launched a series of activities to promote community engagement and interaction and increase our capacity 
to talk about race and racism called “Journey to Respectful Discourse.”

• OCIE invited to campus nationally known scholars and activists, including Ruth Zambrana, author of Toxic Ivory Towers, and Rachel Cargle.

• OCIE has partnered with many student organizations, including Trans and Non-binary Collective (TaNC), Organización Latinoamericana (OLA), Black Student Organization (BSO), and the Simmons Islamic Society (SIS).