Maura King Scully, Writer
Scully is a freelance writer, specializing in education. Her work appears regularly in alumni magazines including Trinity College, Stonehill College, Meadowbrook School, Boston College Law School and Northeastern University School of Law, where she also serves as associate editor. “For such a young woman, Adela Raz is completely impressive. Actually, she’s impressive for a woman of any age. It was enlightening to hear her perspective on what’s happening in Afghanistan. As an American, I have always thought about it from a U.S.-centered point of view—and of course, the story is much deeper, broader and more nuanced.”

Joshua Dalsimer, Photographer
Dalsimer’s professional career started at age 16, not with a camera in his hands but with a pair of drum sticks. He toured as the drummer for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and played with other bands before realizing there were other creative outlets he wanted to explore. “Getting to photograph Afghanistan’s U.N. ambassador was very exciting,” he says. “Adela Raz was educated in Boston, where I grew up. We had lots to talk about including the fact we’re both Red Sox fans! I only regret being too busy taking pictures and not having enough time to talk and learn more!”

Webb Chappell, Photographer
Chappell created portraits of sharks, turtles and moray eels while diving at the New England Aquarium over 20 years ago, and has breathed air on land as a Boston photographer ever since. He loves his job for shoots like the one spent hanging out with Aaron Wolfson ’14 of ACLU Massachusetts at their Boston office. He embraces the collaborative challenge of creating a window into the subject’s character through lighting, composition and the person’s unique presence. He makes pictures for editorial, corporate and nonprofit clients, among them The Boston Globe, The Guardian, MIT, Raytheon and This Old House Magazine.

Abe Loomis, Writer
Loomis is a writer and editor based in New York. A former copy editor at The Wall Street Journal, his writing has appeared in that newspaper and in the magazines of Williams College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Northeastern University and many other publications. He particularly enjoys telling the stories of irrepressible innovators and societal pioneers, as he does in this issue’s profile of Claire B. Rubin ’61. “It is continually inspiring to learn about, and to try to capture in words,” he says, “something of the lives of people who have made a difference.”