On the Front Lines

Simmons has always attracted people who are passionate about learning, working and making a difference. Simmons Magazine has the privilege of illuminating some of the many ways members of the Simmons community are doing just that.

In our “Pop Culture Pirate” cover story, Elisa Kreisinger ’08 describes her creative quest to get people thinking in fresh ways about what-in-the-world is going on, one podcast and video at a time. “Beauty and the Beast” sheds light on how green chemistry research at Simmons is helping to uncover health hazards hidden in many personal care products; the story also offers tools to help you make informed choices.

As you’ll read in “Building Equity,” Simmons’ new online Master’s in Public Health program takes an innovative approach to that discipline—one that includes adventures at the U.S.-Mexico border. And “Strength in Numbers,” our profile of Connie Lewis ’63, describes her path from majoring in math to working on classified government programs.

Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find additional stories of ingenuity, courage and determination as members of the Simmons community confront important issues. Examples include pursuing solutions to homelessness, and helping veterans navigate their return to civilian life.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading the magazine—or scrolling through the new online edition. Either way, please keep those story ideas coming.

Robert Dunn, Editor
[email protected]