Holiday Eating Tips

Ask nationally recognized diet expert and Nutrition Professor Teresa Fung for advice on healthy holiday eating and she lights up the way others might while contemplating a second serving. Rest assured, she’s no ascetic. “The food is there to enjoy, but there are ways to enjoy it without eating too much!”

Snacks: Set limits ahead of time and have a plan. Don’t eat more just because you-know-who is late and delaying dinner. Hosting? Offer some healthy options—and small plates.

Drinks: Ditch the soda (the sweetness overwhelms other flavors); drink and serve water or sparkling water instead.

Main Course: Eat slowly, chew slowly (at least the first few bites of each food). “You feel satisfied more quickly if you really enjoy the flavors. If you just wolf it down, you miss all the good stuff.”

Desserts: Survey the selections and focus on seasonal options you don’t have often.

Eggnog: Dilute with skim milk; add cinnamon or nutmeg to flavor. “Don’t dilute with water—even I wouldn’t drink that.”

Host gifts: Give something healthy like unsalted nuts, small amounts of unusual foods or fancy serving pieces.

Too many host gifts: Candy piling up? Re-gift. “Choose the best box for yourself, and share the rest at work or donate it to a local food pantry. And consider an animal shelter or other organization. Unsung heroes of the community would appreciate something special, and their work isn’t always recognized.”