Stephanie Schorow, Writer
Schorow is a Boston-based freelance writer, educator, and the author of seven non-fiction books on Boston topics, including the 1942 Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire, the infamous Brink’s robbery of 1950, and the Boston Harbor Islands. She has worked as a reporter for the Boston Herald, the Associated Press and numerous other publications. She interviewed Connie Lewis ’63 and retired faculty member Marion Walter. Both women struck her as examples of “Hidden Figures”—women who deserve credit for their mathematical abilities and accomplishments.

Tony Luong, Photographer
Luong is a photographer currently based in Boston. He received an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His work has appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, Dwell, National Geographic, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, WSJ. magazine and WIRED, among others. He says photographing Connie Lewis ’63 was a humbling experience. “She has done so much in her career … It was rewarding to meet someone who not only has been successful but has also contributed in a big way to opening doors for women interested in STEM fields.”

Diana Levine, Photographer
Levine is an advertising and editorial photographer based in Boston. Her clients include Rolling StoneBillboard, Converse, The Clinton Foundation, and MTV. She has photographed Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, President Obama, Kim Kardashian and Ludacris, among others. At Simmons, Levine says “I loved popping into the lives of two incredible women during our shoots (she also photographed “Building Equity,” page 22), and learning about their areas of research and specialties.” She says a highlight was visiting the Multicultural Center with Debra Pérez and seeing her connect with every student she met.

Catherine Winters, Writer
Winters has an M.S. in communications from Boston University and has been an editor at many national magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, ParentsHealth and Seventeen. Now a freelance writer, her articles have appeared in publications such as Ladies’ Home JournalNew You, Prevention, Parade, and Consumer Reports on Health. Researching this story was an eye-opener, she says, and she is heartened that the Professor Gurneys and Lea Haehnels of the world are committed to making cosmetics safe.

Winters photograph by Glen Davis