A Shared Vision

Honorary Trustee Toby Sloane ’60 says “What happens to you in life determines your philanthropy.” That certainly helps explain her and her family’s involvement at Simmons.

Sloane’s philanthropy “mentor” was her maternal grandmother, who used weekly household money to help others in need. “That’s what I grew up with. It was just something you did,” says Sloane.

Her philanthropy is also informed by having met her future husband, Carl Sloane, at a Harvard Hillel mixer (the night before she started at Simmons), and knowing that scholarships helped him attend college. In more recent years, becoming a Simmons trustee (2008-2018), and being inspired by President Helen Drinan’s leadership, motivated Sloane to increase her giving to Simmons.

The Sloanes’ generosity includes creating the Toby M. Sloane Fund for Hillel and the Sloane Family Endowed Scholarship. In honor of his wife, Carl Sloane (who passed away in 2015) initiated the Toby Sloane Award for Student Centeredness in Teaching, which she continues to support. Simmons has recognized Sloane for her Lifetime Giving and acknowledged her bequest intentions on the Labyrinth plaque on campus.

The commitment to philanthropy extends to Sloane’s two daughters and son who are involved in the family foundation. Sloane anticipates her five grandchildren will also help keep the tradition going.

Photograph: Toby Sloane ’60 and her late husband, Carl Sloane, at Simmons in 2012.