A Fresh Start

Welcome to your relaunched Simmons Magazine.

At last year’s Reunion, more than a few alumnae asked, “When is Simmons Magazine coming back?” The affection and concern in their voices made it sound like they were inquiring about a friend who went off to find themself—a little too long ago.

The “friend” is back and fully refreshed. Simmons Magazine will appear faithfully twice a year (in print and online), dedicated to reflecting and celebrating the remarkable, diverse community of Simmons alumnae/i, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

In this issue, you’ll read about a pioneering venture capitalist who’s now pursuing a cure for Alzheimer’s. You’ll learn how two Simmons faculty members are championing truth in the era of fake news. We also introduce you to the editor of a student-published science magazine. And Michelle Obama offers insights on leadership—and surprising facts about presidential travel.

Thanks to creative director Robert Parsons of Seven Elm, your new magazine is filled with striking photography and illustrations in layouts that wonderfully enhance the stories. You’ll discover additional compelling content in the first online edition this summer.

We hope this and every issue will make you feel informed, inspired, delighted, entertained, and proud. Your feedback, suggestions, and story ideas will help the magazine keep evolving—right along with Simmons.

Robert Dunn, Editor
[email protected]